2010 - 2021

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Originally Starting with StopMotion Animations and Comic Book Designs,

JumpMan Productions was to be set in motion!



Starting on Youtube for the first time, JumpMan Productions was now set to create Videos to for the world!

First starting off with Gameplay videos and SuperMario Plush Videos!



After Moving to a new High School, JumpMan Productions was about to feature 2D Animation featuring a Animation Series that is no more. The series was called "The Super Crystal Gems" in which was canceled due to poor story line and design 



JumpMan Productions was about to enter a new phase of Live Action Film Making!

On November 8th of 2016, JumpMan Productions created The Time Masters Youtube channel and released  the first Doctor Who  Fan Film Episode! 

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Entering the world of Visual Effects, JumpMan Productions was now slowly improving!

With the power of VFX, JumpMan Productions released the first Star Wars Fan Film in which was a high school project. There JumpMan Productions decided to create a new Star Wars Series. During the year, the second and Third Episodes for the Doctor Who Series where released 

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Having the three episodes of the Doctor Who series a success, it was decided that JumpMan Productions would continue the series. on March 15th 2018, The Time Masters released the forth Episode of the series. While JumpMan Productions released the 1st episode for the Star Wars Series

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After 12 months of script writing, JumpMan Productions and The Time Masters where set to produce the fifth episode for the Doctor Who Series. The Episode was set to release on the 10th of October 2019.

The Final Hour was the biggest film both JumpMan Productions and The Time Masters produced, while being a success. After production, JumpMan Productions began production for the 2nd episode for the Star Wars Series

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Due to the unbelievable outbreak of COVID-19, some production of future films had to be put to a halt, However, JumpMan Productions managed to produce a small Star Wars 'Teaser Trailer' in which would feature some new characters that will star in a whole new Series 'The Martin Twins'. During the year however, JumpMan Productions was able to write five scripts for the 2nd Doctor Who Series and release a new teaser trailer. 

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Doctor Who - FanFilm - Series 2


2021 has been given fantastic opportunities for JumpMan Productions producing 6 films in total this year! 
Starting with another instalment to the Star Wars Series 'Fall of Generations while producing 5 new episodes for the 2nd Doctor Who series 'Warriors of Time'!

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What endless fun its been! JumpMan Productions continues to grow with filmmaking skills, what might 2022 offer? 

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