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My name is Aiden James Rawlings, and I'm 21 years old. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. JumpMan Productions is owned and operated by myself, the company's founder and director. 

In the majority of my films, I work as a director, writer, video/VFX editor, and actor. 


It has been my desire since I was a child to work as a film director, producing both animation and live action movies. To this day, I continue to enjoy my work tremendously. First and foremost, when I started on September 25th, 2010, I had no concept what filmmaking was or how to go about it. Despite the fact that I like watching films, I was always intrigued by how they were made. 


To begin, I created short Stop Motion movies using my small toys or Lego Figures, and I also chose to produce mini Comic Books for my local school library, which were later published in a collection. Although the animations and two comics that I had created have been gone, one comic is still alive! 


Throughout the last ten years, I have gradually increased my grasp of filmmaking, and I continue to learn new things. Every year, I continue to write scripts and direct films for the amusement of the public, which is something I have always enjoyed doing! 


At the University of South Australia, I am continuing to deepen my grasp of filmmaking, and I am really loving every minute of my studies.